Tangkuban Perahu is a volcano with magnificent queen crater

Tangkuban perahu is a volcano, 25 kilometers north of Bandung direction of Lembang, Its location is in between subang and lembang. Tangkuban perahu can be reached from two directions either from bandung or from subang. Mt. Tangkuban Perahu is an interesting destination that everyone in the Bandung area is fond of visiting.

Mt. Tangkuban perahu has a unique shape and looks like upturned boat that why it’s called tangkuban perahu.  As you know tangkuban perahu is a legend well-known among the people of sunda. It is a love story between sangkuriang and his mother dayang sumbi.

The biggest crater is kawah ratu or queen crater. We can look the magnificent crater from the top or simply enjoy the splendid panoramic scenery. take pictures with an incredible background. stroll through the forest on its slopes you can see so many fantastic trees around you. If you want to go to cikahuripan statue you have to pass the path with stairs of tree trunk surrounded by fantastic tree and you will see the cave and spring cold water up there.

The temperature is cold and suddenly misty. So you have to wear thick clothes, if you don’t wear thick clothes, there are a lot of selling clothing and interesting souvenirs. there are plenty of domestic visitors and even foreign tourists who come. Have a nice trip!!!


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