Our time in Anyer

Anyer is famous by wonderful beach. anyer beach is one of tourist attraction recommendation suitable for family. Further more if you live in Jakarta, It becomes vacation spot. You can stay at the hotel near beach if you want and see panoramic from the hotel.

Anyer beach is located kecamatan anyer, Serang, banten, Indonesia. Interest in anyer beach is able to see the mountain scenery of krakatoa, panoramic view of the beach, you can swim at the beach with calm waves, jet ski, banana boat, playing in the sand and also walk along the seashore. At the beach there where sneaks such as roasted corn, coconut, meatball and many more.

Tauge goreng Savory

Tauge goreng is a specialty of Jakarta and Bogor city, West Java, Indonesia, It is one of popular street food in Indonesia especially in Jakarta. Tauge goreng is a vegetarian dish, because it contains no elements of animal-based ingredients. The main ingredient is the tauge or mung bean sprouts. Tauge goreng is cooking with boiling water without oil. Pour sauce upon the cooked ingredients. The sauce is from tauco/soy bean paste. Kerupuk / crackers match as a companion to eat tauge goreng and add more chili.


Tauge Goreng

It Named Tumis

Tumis or stir-fry method is simple cook to make sautéed, you just sliced onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, ginger and cook it together with olive oil. And add spinach or kale or any type of vegetables to be the main ingredients. kale or spinach as the main ingredient in Indonesia commonly. The enhancements oyster sauce, corn, tofu and do not forget the salt.